Tsk tsk

This one somehow escaped me in my sheltered youth, but I’m making up for it:

say the Notes: from “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, written by Dr. Seuss himself, we have this musical number featuring the film’s villain Dr. Terwilliker getting dressed to conduct his 500-boy piano symphony…” and there’s mooore:

How did this ever get made? Here’s some more context:

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid it thus far, it’s a very ’50’s, very Seussian musical. Simply put, it’s the story of a boy falling in love with a plumber while trying to escape from a maximum-security piano camp. It’s also the story of how movie-making can go awry.

As it turned out, Ted ‘Dr. Seuss’ Geisel hated the experience of being involved in the movie, and detested the final product. He forbade any other Seuss material to be adapted to the big screen during his life time. (Sound reasoning, as it turned out.)

In turn, Columbia Pictures lost faith in the film mid-production, yanked promotion, cut the budget, and cut huge portions out of the finished movie.The plans for an epic children’s fantasy along the caliber of Wizard of Oz were dashed, and the film received tepid reviews upon release.

And yet there’s still something there, and it’s a movie that needs to be seen. Especially if you’re a Seuss fan.
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