Monthly Archives: April 2011

Otiose Maggie

At Daniel Heikalo’s suggestion I’ve set up a Soundcloud page (which he’ll populate with some of our duet material) and started it off with Otiose Maggie, a tune I created in 2005 to memorialize an encounter with a goat (the eponymous Maggie).

looking for more stuff to read?

UPenn Library’s Online Books Page New Listings is forever pushing new stuff in our collective directions. Today’s harvest includes links to materials that I think of as fundamental to my own development and views of the world (imperfect and contradictory as they prove to be): CoEvolution Quarterly (1974-1984) and Whole Earth Review (1985-2003)

or you could go directly to Back Issues

and, since I’m rooting around in stuff from the past, a look at Whole Earth Software Review (1984) is interesting too.

wonder if this will work

I’ve been working on the mountains of STUFF in the barn, and here’s the current state of the Museum of Obsolescent Technologies:

(using Photosynth and the iPhone –a bit lacking in acuity/resolution, but hyper-cool as an idea and sure to develop in interesting directions via updates. Click on the third icon to see FULL SCREEN version)