A lot of day-to-day attention and consciousness is mediated through things found via my RSS feeds –stuff brought to me by the blogs I follow. When a found something seems like it might have long-run utility or interest, I capture it via Zotero, and earmark it with a Tag from the open-ended collection of aboutnesses that’s evolved over the years. This isn’t ideal: most items need multiple tags; most of my tags are [intentionally] pretty idiosyncratic; and my tagging is anything but systematic. In fact I don’t revisit the stuff collected under Zotero tags all that often, so they’re more like crumbs left so that steps might be retraced, if I should survive the meeting with the Minotaur and want to return whence I came… Here’s a Last-In-First-Out listing of my additions to Zotero, which is an imperfect reflection of my magpie attentions.

It has some amusement value to pull out a subset of especially /runcible/ tags (“…A runcible spoon is a utensil suitable for runciation…”)

anthro (professional interest)
argybargy (my term for miscellaneous fussage and dispute)
bibliomania (of which I am guilty)
chronos (time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like bananas)
curiosa (residual hmmmm)
food (perennial)
language (always fascinating)
lexicon (as she is spoke)
mando (musical epicenter)
mapping (long-run fascination)
metastuff (at the very core)
musics (principal obsession)
Nacirema (and Naidanac)
onomastics (name it and nail it)
photography (principal obsession)
shop stuff (collecting tool stuff)
technology (long-run fascination)
Thanatos (just keeping track)
uh oh (and NOW what?)
whoa (gulp.)
YouTube (hippo’s ears)
Zeitgeist (what-all goes by)

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