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  • Amanda Palmer seems to me supremely worth following, and her blog is about as close as one can get to doing that. She's a diarist in her songwriting, as one reviewer has noted, and that's a good thing. Not that I necessarily grok everything, but the openness of her creativity is quite inspiring, and her song lyrics are often just plain brilliant distillations of whatever they're trying to distill.
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  • talking of Labors of Love…
  • Has anybody said it better?

    Couldn’t our “news” channels give us some background, interviews, etc., about these key developents? It is almost as if the “news” corporations are trying to keep us away from real news by giving us fluff and narrow shouting matches. It is almost as if they think it is better if the public of the world’s most powerful country were not very well informed about US policy, labor protest movements abroad, and the dynamics of politics in US allies…