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  • probably good advice, from Stephen Downes: "…take the rest of the evening and explore the full Gaga canon that has formed online. There's a lot going on in them, so keep an open mind. They're probably not safe for work. Gaga is a genuine internet phenomenon, and a large part of her huge popularity is the widespread availability of her songs and videos free online…"
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All too accurate

via Stephen Downes:

…and he gets it in one:

…the selection of what constitutes a core is ineliminably political, and therefore all (so-called) ‘common’ core initiatives are (thinly disguised) political campaigns…

At the moment I’m seeing the Grand Problem as one of motivation, given that learners of all ages HAVE magnificent and unprecedented tools at the tips of their fingers. Who will they choose to emulate? Who provides the spark that ignites an individual learner’s creativity? For most of us, that person was a Teacher, formal or informal, in school or out.

State Street Bank, 1964-1965


In 1964-1965 (Junior and Senior year of college) I was employed as a Progress Photographer on the State Street Bank Building, one of the first BIG buildings in Boston’s Financial District. This allowed me carte blanche to wander around the building site, usually one or two days a week, and take pictures of anything I thought might be of interest to the general contractor (Gilbane Inc., still very much in business). They paid me for prints of pictures they found useful, usually scenes recording construction progress. I used the opportunity to take hundreds of pictures that I knew they wouldn’t be interested in –construction details, men at work, stuff that appealed to my developing aesthetic and compositional sense.
The 100-odd rolls of negatives lived in a box on a shelf, and I always figured I’d get around to doing something with them someday. That someday arrived last December, and in a month-long blitz I scanned more than 2200 images, and was overwhelmed with the riches and possibilities. It’s taken a couple of months to get to the next stage, organizing and putting up a bunch of sets of images at Flickr, but now there’s a Collection of five sets, about 250 images in all. It may be most effective to watch the Men at Work set as a Slideshow.

links for 2010-03-12

  • Laura Blankenship gets it right: "… I think my fading interest in higher ed has to do with this constant whining about the administration, about the students, about everything. I want to scream, well get off your ass and do something about it. And take a long, hard look in the mirror first. Maybe it’s you that needs to do the changing…"
  • Robyn and David can, in my book, Do No Wrong. And this entry is pure gold: text, photographs, underlying philosophy and evolved sensibilities. Awe-struck is what I am.
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