Monthly Archives: June 2004

Master Class Needed?

I’m feeling the necessity for some guidance in the next steps in blog development, and I’m not sure whence that will come. There’s a tangle in blog setup, such that both this blog and the 132 blog are in the same Archive, and I need to separate them… but I also need to understand the options for layout and features better than I do. Some of that is template stuff, some is in the deeper waters of php and MySQL… and some has to do with the external identity of the blog (is it tracked by anybody/thing?)… a point that every user surely reaches, where the basics more or less work, but another leap in functionality is needed. If I could go to an MT workshop, or find the right tutorials… But really this is a general problem with moving frontiers of information technologies: we do what we know how to do, but sometimes need a boost to move to new comfort zones.

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