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Sublime stench

Two bits encountered this morning, about as unrelated as can be I think (or perhaps hope…), though both have to do with savor: Robyn Eckhardt’s utterly delicious essay on Bplaa Raa, and Peter Schjeldahl’s “Going East”, a rumination on Napoleon at the Dahesh in the August 28 New Yorker (alas, not available online). One lovely definition from the latter:

Camp –the savoring of unintended ironies [pg. 80]

…and it was enlightening to learn a bit about Dr. Dahesh (“Dr. Wonder”).

Through a dirty pane of glass

Ze Frank‘s takes on pretty much anything are at the very least refreshing/provocative, and often they’re enlightening (though sometimes NSFW, but since I don’t W anymore, no problem). The mode of delivery, as a collage of short takes of (mostly) Ze’s unblinking/motormouthing phiz, gets a lot into a few seconds, and hearing his daily rant is generally as good as seeing it (occasional exceptions). Yesterday’s rumination on compression (a 1:48 outtake, edited slightly, but see the whole thing if you’re really a Sports Racer) includes a useful info analogy to looking through a dirty pane of glass. If I was still W-ing, I’d use the clip to kick off a class, and I’ll bet I could make it appropriate to just about any subject.

Dan dan mien

I’ve been making this one for 35 years:
dan dan mien
It probably is a long way from ‘authenticity’, but who cares? Basically, it’s any kind of leftover noodles (some are better candidates because of texture and aesthetics of shape), stir-fried with a sauce of peanut butter, sriracha chili sauce, mushroom soy sauce, and scallions and cilantro if they’re available. Szechuan pepper makes a nice addition, but isn’t necessary for the desired effect.
These are Cellentani, which produce a satisfyingly chitlinesque appearance. My favorite shape for the dish is Campanelle, but Fettucine is also nice, and even plain old Spaghetti works. Yesterday’s cold noodles are preferred.

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