Dan dan mien

I’ve been making this one for 35 years:
dan dan mien
It probably is a long way from ‘authenticity’, but who cares? Basically, it’s any kind of leftover noodles (some are better candidates because of texture and aesthetics of shape), stir-fried with a sauce of peanut butter, sriracha chili sauce, mushroom soy sauce, and scallions and cilantro if they’re available. Szechuan pepper makes a nice addition, but isn’t necessary for the desired effect.
These are Cellentani, which produce a satisfyingly chitlinesque appearance. My favorite shape for the dish is Campanelle, but Fettucine is also nice, and even plain old Spaghetti works. Yesterday’s cold noodles are preferred.

1 thought on “Dan dan mien

  1. J.R. Manshardt

    Dear Ook, I’ve tried your Dan Dan Mien recipe and found it very satisfactory without the red peppers. Its a great comfort food, a bit like peanut butter and jelly, but with soy sauce and pepper. Also without the white bread.
    Thanks, J. Manshardt

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