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  1. Ron

    Our blog is starting to look like yours. So far only two (of 10) students have posted their project descriptions which are now overdue. I think there is a real technophobia problem, especially with Mexican anthro students who tend to see the Internet as an impertialist conspiracy to destroy culture. I was surprised that they were a bit surprise by the first unit which showed how indigneous people have ‘appropriated’ the internet for their own uses

  2. Ron

    (found it)
    Well our blog is getting hot. Students are getting their topics up and commenting on each other’s. We’re starting to get some dialogue. It warms the heart!. I put up some online notes on ‘antropology, genetics and culture’ hypertexting around the issues of genetic engineering, the central dogma, Mae-Wan Ho and the human genome projects. I grouse about anthros being ignorant of biology (and vice versa of course) and it seems to be getting a rise. (In spanish but, http://antroglob.org/Genetica/)
    I’m beginning to see some the difficulties. In a team blog with lots of topics going it soon becomes difficult to keep track. Especially comments. For example the comments on my above online notes are on a theme that is being pushed back by the new student themes.
    Is there some way to ‘pin’ things up on the top so they don’t get pushed down’? I was looking on your blog for the entry on class blogging to add this comment there, where I had already made a previous comment. But I don’t know how to find it! And if I did, would you have seen the new comment on this old post? I don’t know quite how to keep this all straight.
    I don’t participate anymore but for a while I was posting on E’sangha a buddhist discussion group-bulletin board. It has RSS but its so active that RSS is kind of irrelevant. And RSS only deals with topics, not comments. More than 3000 posters with hundreds of topics (“threads”?). They have an interesting organizational scheme.
    Anyway, in short, my class blog is going to quickly become unmaneageable i fear

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