Rum, sodomy and…

In case it’s not on your regular reading menu, a recent posting from Crooked Timber tickles the risibility meters (they’re stereo…): The Holy Trinity is getting a makeover…. Puts me in mind of a favorite Pratchettism, in which I first encountered the [well known British] term “godbothering” [glossed as “fervent religious grovelling”] :

Archchancellor (of Unseen University) Mustrum Ridcully: So… how are things in the godbothering business?
Chief Priest of Blind Io: We do our humble best. How is the dangerous meddling with things man was not meant to understand?
Ridcully: Pretty fair. Pretty fair.
(incidentally, they are brothers)

(from Terry Pratchett’s Reaper Man, pg 91)