Getting back up to speed

After a week away (a trip to Nova Scotia) I find several things awaiting the effort to wrap-mind-around, amidst the familiar feeling that it’s all moving a bit faster than I am, or can:

The impact of AJAX on web operations from bitcurrent

Structured Blogging (viz. D’Arcy Norman)

Alexa Web Crawl (viz. John Batelle‘s announcement and Read/Write Web entry)

Jon Udell on automated conversion of stream-to-mp3

Technorati Kitchen’s Explore

Kevin Kelly’s The Technium

…not to mention bits that continue and extend stuff I was already working on, like ambiientfindability in delicious, a very nice extension of the book itself (which I’ve been reading in gulps, via O’Reilly Safari)

…and Google Maps Creation Tools/Tutorials and News and blog-post roundup from Google Maps Mania