Robyn Eckhardt’s EatingAsia is such a delight, and this passage kicks it up a whole nother notch, capturing my Philosophy of Cooking all too well:

Madame Khaw’s Nyonya delights are transcendent. She cooks with an assured hand, often pushing the edge of the envelope by upping the quantities of strong-flavored ingredients in an already strong-flavored dish. This is how I cook too, like an addict feeding an addiction: just a few more chilies, another teaspoon of each dried spice, fresh herbs by the handful instead of the quarter cupful and 5 different types of fresh herb when a recipe calls for 2 or 3. I love strong, really strong flavors, and foods that leave me searching for descriptives.

And don’t get me started on the magnificence of Dave Hagerman’s photographs… Looking forward to meeting them in a few weeks in Turkey!

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