Damn but this is good

Six years ago I was plotting a Last Course in Cross-Cultural Studies in Music, which I taught at Washington and Lee in Jan-April 2005. I was in the habit of collecting my thoughts and findings in “log files” that included bits of copied text, my own ruminations, and lots of outbound links to stuff I found via incessant searching (most of it via Google, but also using other tools then at my fingertips). I had occasion today to glance over the

CCSinM Log

and was gratified to find myself so adventurously engaged. So many really interesting stems of inquiry and discovery, even with the linkrot that’s inevitable after six years. And so many things I now think about differently, and things I could take up again immediately (if I had some reason to), and so much that’s NEW since 2005, that I’d gleefully incorporate if I was doing CCSinM now (like the incredible resources of YouTube music). Anyway, it’s nice to have a backward glance in which I can take pride.

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