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  • via WFMU's Beware of the Blog. Perhaps little-known fact: many years ago I studied Swedish (freshman year) and spent 6 weeks there in summer 1962… so I've been more or less following things Swedish ever since. This really is an odd take on Stockholm and Swedes, with a good many snorts and yuks sprinkled here and there in the text. I mean: "…a genuine-fake-maybe-real-but-probably-phony-except-for-real-but-you-never-really-know-these-days-anyway culturobstretrical organization with a life-changing mission: to build bridges of understanding between the American and Scandinavian peoples. And in so doing, heal the universe. To achieve this we use the power of Ultramultiscience, a new way of thinking that fuses multiple disciplines –sound, embalmery, competitive eating– into a gel that, when mixed with bleeding-edge scientificalism, unleashes transformational power not seen since Nutella met Bisquick…"

    **WARNING** I’m not sure that I advise you to listen to the mp3 file linked in the text –might unsettle delicate sensibilities, if you still have any. On the other hand, maybe you’d be able to think of it as postmodernistical ethnography…

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