On and off the bus

I decided to subscribe to the modern version of Aperture, primarily for the purpose of gaining access to the archive, all the way back to the first issue in 1952. There have been some problems getting set up, and the interface isn’t all that one might wish, but Pandora’s Box is now at least openable, […]


I’ve mentioned Henri Cartier-Bresson several times in the pages of this blog. One of the high points of our trip to France was a couple of hours at Centre Pompidou’s retrospective exhibit of his work. The Press Kit publicity (a pdf) isn’t really a substitute for a visit to Paris, but it’s pretty good. See […]

Three Farmers: an obsession

(perhaps mostly for my own eventual rediscovery) I’ve often had the experience that the first thing I read of a morning colors the day, setting in train what turns out to be a series of interlinked thoughts and explorations. Occasionally I’ve managed to catch the wave of that sequence and capture it to paper (or […]

En Route

While considering the matter of just what I want to get out of the Turkish Adventure, and especially out of the photographic part, I started thinking about which photographers I especially admire, and/or which I think of as particularly important influences. My immediate shortlist, without consulting any of the many books in the house, began […]

links for 2007-12-18

The Decisive Moment by Henri Cartier-Bresson oh my oh my oh my (tags: photography) The Decisive Moment May Be A Blur by Beverly Spicer in The Digital Journalist (December 2007) (tags: photography)

Natural enemies?

This one’s been haunting me ever since I found the negative (yesterday) and digitized it:Teachers will recognize the uphill-all-the-way vibe, I suspect, though this picture was taken 33 years ago, just before I started what I recall as a very energetic class on photography-as-anthropology, in my first year of teaching. I remember some of the […]