Natural enemies?

This one’s been haunting me ever since I found the negative (yesterday) and digitized it:
Teachers will recognize the uphill-all-the-way vibe, I suspect, though this picture was taken 33 years ago, just before I started what I recall as a very energetic class on photography-as-anthropology, in my first year of teaching. I remember some of the people quite clearly, though I can only retrieve one name (Ginger Joyce, over on the left). The stimulus materials are some I’d still use today: Szarkowski’s The Photographer’s Eye, Hanns Reich’s The World from Above (a wonderful collection of aerial images), The World of Henri Cartier-Bresson… and just think how far we’ve come since the days of the epidiascope!

2 thoughts on “Natural enemies?

  1. Ron Brunton

    Some things never change! 🙂 The available seating sure doesn’t advertise itself as inviting. At least the classroom architecture has morphed a bit over the years and there are few P-12 (k-12 outside NS) classrooms that look like this now.
    It’s a wonderful picture, capturing an awful lot of the classroom atmosphere present in so many of the classes I experienced as both student and teacher.

  2. Gardner

    So THAT’s the technical term for an opaque projector. Ah. It was quite the hulking beastie, wasn’t it–and all the more mysterious because of it. But then I’m an incorrigible anthromorpher when it comes to machines.

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