Much as I admire George Siemens’ work, exemplified in passages like

Our changing learning context is axiomatic. We see it in any form of information – from newspapers to radio to TV to the internet. Everything is going digital. The end user is gaining control, elements are decentralizing, connections are being formed between formerly disparate resources and fields of information, knowledge is developing rapidly, and everything seems to be “speeding up”…

I can’t help feeling that these essentials of Constructivist learning aren’t as much to the fore as they deserve to be:

  • managing the Information one has, and finds –so that it can be retrieved, repurposed, reorganized (the management tools are pretty ad hoc and idiosyncratic, and not very well interlinked)
  • constructing and distributing the Outcomes of the searches one does, the learning one experiences, the insights one encounters (this communication activity is arguably what the Web is really for)

Not that I’ve been so very systematic about either myself… but that’s exactly what I mean to work on, now that my time is much more my own. And not that I know just what I’m after building, though lots of the fragments slide in and out of focus as I unpack boxes of books and files and maps and images…

I really do mean to explore and construct and distribute, and I aspire to doing something exemplary with hyperlinked materials, with the primary objective of encouraging others to do likewise.