Musical adventuring

Musical projects have dined on my time for the last couple of months, mostly in forms that aren’t Web-distributable (for reasons of copyright, not to mention server space). Along the way I’ve been working with literal mountains of vinyl, tape, mp3s, CDs collected over the years, and YouTube has raised its little head repeatedly. Dunno just why I haven’t thought to make more use of blogspace to track what I’ve been finding, so maybe I’ll try that for a bit. I note that the leaps from one genre to another are sometimes pretty canyonical: what, after all, unites Old Timey American with off-the-wall Klezmer? Tubist Mark Rubin for one. Here he underpins Frank London’s Klezmer Brass All Stars, plus semi-invited guests:

Any YouTube video is likely to provoke one into watching more of the “related” offerings, and probably a couple of steps down that path will take the wanderer into even hairier territory. Consider Vassilis Saleas vs. Ferus Mustafov:

and a couple of steps further south takes us to the Turkish band Laço Tayfa, with clarinetist Hüsnü Senlendirici: