Syllepsis for the masses

It’s always a comfort to learn a new bit of terminology, especially when a favorite bit of lyric is attached, and thus further clarified. Today’s case in point, from Language Log, invokes a song that’s been warming my little heart these 40 years, Michael Flanders’ and Donald Swann‘s Madeira M’Dear. If you don’t know it (and I can see by the look of you that some of you don’t, as Flanders was wont to say), a tiny fragment (but without the delicious syllepsis) is available via Amazon. Or you could watch a version, via Eric Storm and kwego:
Have Some Madeira M'Dear - kewegoHave Some Madeira M’Dear – kewego

Have Some Madeira M’Dear – kewego
Humorous song written by Flanders and Swann.

Video from ptolemy

While you’re at it, if you don’t already know The Gnu Song, here’s your opportunity, though once again not at the hands of the Original Authors.