An e-mail exchange of musical obscurities

So I sez, “…doubtless I SHOULD read the new book. I don’t seem much inclined to SHOULDs these days…”
and Carolyn replies, “Nor SHOULD you… except for whiskey. Whiskey you should do. (was listening to Hamza at lunchtime whence the synesthetic pun)”
For those who don’t catch the latter reference, here’s the bit she’s referring to, from Hamza el Din’s first record (on Vanguard, about 1964)
…and the only possible response is another favorite musical quote, from the old Folkways Music of Afghanistan (Mrs. Parwin and Chorus –the real title is “A rose is blooming”, but I’ve always heard it as “John Fonda, Whaddya Know?”).
Anybody have any others in this realm of lyrical bogosity? Perhaps cousins to the form called Mondegreen?