maybe YOU can figure this out

I have unleashed something terribly strange here, by turning figures in the sand and rocks of Drift Inn beach into what seem to be eccesiastical personages of some as-yet-unnamed order. Yesterday it was this Priest and Two Acolytes:

a priest and two acolytes

and today’s session at the beach produced this image of Two Pairs of Popes Regarding Each Other:


Just how and why each pair of popes has muscled itself (themselves?) into a single Vestment is hardly the strangest aspect of this legerdemain.

And it’s not all heiratic. A Design for An Armchair also appeared:


and an aerodynamically improbable wingéd person


and a laughing Princess with Golden Crown, who looks perhaps Javanese


and an Energetic Being who seems to be leaning on its elbows…


Who knows what tomorrow will bring…

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