Halavais’ BlogClass

I’ve been following the blogging of Alex Halavais (at University of Buffalo) for several months, and find his perspectives and initiatives especially interesting. His recent posting of the course information for his imminent BlogClass (“Media in the Information Age”) is a wonderful example of ballsy pedagogical self-invention, and just the sort of thing our little cabal of blog-to-teach-and-learn argonauts needs to follow, study, and adapt where practical and relevant.

1 thought on “Halavais’ BlogClass

  1. Ron

    I have been following Halavais class blogging and have even corresponed a bit with him. I am hoping next month to be able to implement a Blogger Team Blog that ftp’s to our server for the Globalization and Indian Peoples course. Following H, students will be required to put at least one 800 word posting per week, reflecting on the themes of the course (which I will continue to put up as Blacker style, annotated collections of curious links, as I did in INTR 132) According to theory it can be done and should involve minimal bullet biting. We shall see

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