just a stump

Digital processing is really a marvel, especially in the ease with which one can tweak an image to express different flavors, moods, attitudes. The danger is that it’s easy to take the tweakage too far, but that’s really subjective. Here’s one from yesterday in which various changes are rung (as Bill Skinner was wont to say). It’s worthwhile to contemplate why one might prefer one or another version.

the unedited original:
stump as shot

cropped and adjusted, subjectively pleasing:

monochrome, with green filter:
stump b+w green filter

using Lightroom’s “Infrared” preset:
stump "IR"

using Lightroom’s “aged photo” preset:
stump "aged"

Of course I see a creature, probably a large-mouthed fishy person (a staring eye in the upper center)

1 thought on “just a stump

  1. Wende-lil

    original has a luminous found object aura about it – color forward
    morphing into a more indigenous woodland identity and
    then to a spooky presence ignited from within with a ghostly fire,
    flattening to a one dimensional graphic and on to
    a wildly possessed, feathered, one eyed creature of the forest floor . . .

    so many choices for the artist


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