gobsmacked again

I’m pretty much continuously amazed at the things I find in an ordinary day of reading blogs and following links. Case in point of the moment is the webnote app at aypwip. Implications are pretty staggering.

1 thought on “gobsmacked again

  1. oook

    Further exploration finds a freeware app (via tucows.com) that’s the Single User version of WebNote. I’m messing with it, but it seems to want MS Outlook to send an annotation to somebody successfully: “…a virtual sticky-note application with some extra bells and whistles. It can navigate and annotate on any live Web page. The current annotation tool includes arrow, freehand draw, highlighter, sticky note and voice annotations. Annotations can be send to contacts as well.” The developer homepage is programfactory.com, but it looks like the product is as-of-2001… so this may be orphaned technology, superceded by something else? Curious…

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