Trying out the new Flickr Embed

I’m pretty pleased with this image from a below-zero morning:

and note that the left and right arrows take you to the adjacent images in the Flickr stream. If you click on the image it opens quite elegantly in Flickr.

1 thought on “Trying out the new Flickr Embed

  1. Max Nigh

    Enjoyed the pictures of december 2013 very much. You and Betsy seem to be in great shape, and happy tp see your smiling faces. It is a risk to suggest anything to you, since you are way ahead of all, but we have enjoyed an AppleTV, with Netflicks streaming. The current rage for us an English series(must be 50 of 2 hrs ea.) Called Missomer Murders. Well done , good English scenery, and plots. IOf it is new to you , try it.
    Have a Merry Holiday, and a better 2014.


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