Another much-loved musician

Hossein Alizadeh is one of the (scores of…) musicians I most admire. His Sallaneh (available as an MP3 download from Amazon for $3.96. Incredible) is one of the most endlessly fascinating sonic experiences, at least if you have any weakness for the nuances of the plucked string, and any curiosity about niceties of timbre in acoustic instruments (the instrument, sallaneh by name, has sympathetic strings and was designed by Alizadeh himself).

(here’s a link to one of the cuts on the CD)

Alizadeh’s wonderful 2009 Moon & Fog is available via Spotify, and seems to be lodged at nayzak.blogspot for the rar-empowered/inclined. The instrument here is shurangiz, apparently another instrument developed by Alizadeh. The CD doesn’t appear in Amazon’s Alizadeh oeuvre, but his 2010 If Like Birds and Angels I Could Fly is available via Amazon, and I’m listening to it as I write… This necessity to manage multiple sensory appendages is all very confusing to the Enthusiast, and I am coming to have more sympathy for octopods than formerly.

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