Looking through the New Yorker that arrived today (July 25), I saw an illustration of monster mandolinist Chris Thile and discovered that he’s released a new album Sleep With One Eye Open. I’d just finished reading a Fretboard Journal interview of Chris, done by Dave Grisman, so I was already in Thile-mindspace and it occurred to me to check Spotify… and sure enough, there’s the album. And it’s dynamite, highest-octane bluegrass in duet form (with Michael Daves, guitar). I note that the Amazon MP3 comes with a pdf of the booklet, the first such that I’ve noticed. And some searching turns up the duo’s website, with a YouTube video of an NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert:

…and even if you don’t watch the embedded video, don’t miss a particularly hot mandolin break (keep watching for the second mandolin break too). And there’s more video on their website, too.

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