Photographic ruminations

What part does equipment play in what a photographer is able to do? Clearly, in the last 6 months Betsy’s 60mm macro lens has taken her into almost magical realms of vision and transformed her capability to capture what she could see. My own fascination lies with ultra wide angle perspective, ever since the adventures in the 1970s with the 21mm Zeiss lens on the now-defunct Nikon rangefinder camera.

breadmaking 1973

While there are ultrawides for digital cameras (I’m actively considering the Tokina 11-16mm), they’re pretty large and not so very portable, but tempting nonetheless.

At the moment I find myself lusting after a smaller and less obtrusive solution, Voigtländer’s Color-Skopar 21mm on a Bessa R4A body, a 35mm film camera. I happened upon a FlickRiver pool for that lens, and I continue to slaver. My birthday is approaching…

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