Barratt’s Privateers

This reminds me of the ambiance of Nova Scotia 25 and more years ago –not that our kitchen had such stellar performers, but the idea of home-made music was more alive then than it seems to be now:

I’ve been working in the barn today, reorganizing shelves of books (the Library Annex, where books go when they just won’t fit on the shelves in the house) and sorting piles of papers from boxes that have been waiting too long for me to deal with their contents. The latter activity is one of uncovering trails of interest and attention from the last few years (mostly in the form of material from the Web, printed to be read and thought about) and then deciding how to integrate the stuff worth saving into the established categories of my filing system. It’s an adventure in idiosyncratic tagging, and an opportunity to explore how my interests morph and slither, leap and branch. Many documents reflect paths considered but not taken (there are a lot of software dead ends), and quite a few represent the continuations of threads I’ve been following for 20 30 40 years. I don’t seem to be any closer to an understanding of why I keep stuff, still less to any Plan for what to DO with 24 file drawers crammed with enigmatically labelled file folders. Some can be purged, but I’m surprised to find how difficult it is to let go. I’m not going to write a History of my 40+ years of involvement with computers, or reimmerse myself in the prospects of the Digital Library, or evangelize about GIS, or teach courses in world music, demography, East Asian peoples and cultures, ecology… but I can’t bring myself to recycle the mouldering paper in those drawers.