so much can go here… various existing narratives, though they might enjoy being rewritten:

musical autobiography with additions 1997, 2000, 2004 and 2005 summary

2005 iteration of Cross-Cultural Studies in Music (have to battle linkrot, though)

duets with Daniel Heïkalo at SoundCloud

An hour-long interview with musical examples, broadcast on WLUR in 2005

Five minutes or so of the Apollonio cittern, more or less bluesy

a fragment:

My method is a sort of unconstrained hopscotch: from one musical example one can leap to any of a vast number of others, justifying the choice with an engaging story of parallels, contrasts, extensions, counterexamples, or one can indulge in wanton randomness, leaving the auditor to supply a rationale, or not. The auditor/victim is either swept up in the narrative and carried along, or exits quietly.

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