Just turning to October

It’s been far too long since the last post, a lot of travel has filled the last four months, and hundreds of new photographs grace the Flickr photostream. There’s a new instrument (a Veillette Gryphon, cute as a bug), and the 54th anniversary and 75th birthdays are now behind us. New projects have been spawned by fateful encounters, and that’s likely to keep happening over the next four months. A Blurb book or two may eventuate once the current leitmotifs condense. Betsy has photos in the next issue of Seeing in Sixes and has just had a portfolio accepted for publication in the December issue of LensWork. And my new Nikon Z7 should be arriving soon…

I’ve vowed before to make more use of the blog to record photographic discoveries and conundrums, and I’m vowing again. I continue to bounce from project to project, never sure whither I’ll turn next. Reading a lot, looking at lots of photographs, trying to Make Sense of it all.

These four images have a common thread, though I can’t articulate its dimensions very well:



might as well be Chagall


What do you see?

1 thought on “Just turning to October

  1. Kentlee

    The top photo is Wood. It is the mouth of a den for creatures living in the Wood. These creatures can be senn exiting en masse in the secon photo. They are evidently rodents perhaps a cross between meerkats and marmots.

    The third photo is Krishna conversing with a cow, likely asking the cow if she knows where Radha and the rest of his gopis are hiding.

    The last photo is a creature whose terrible beauty is perilous to man; its name should not be spoken aloud.


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