and now what?

The last three months has seen an intense engagement with photography, largely because of my participation in an online workshop with Andy Ilachinski, whose work I’ve been following for ten years or so. The six weeks of the workshop are now at an end, and I’ve written my last response to the exercises Andy offered. I’ve just read through all of my postings and am pleased with their range and consistency. It’s difficult to say what I learned in the six weeks—or indeed in the three months—of reading and photographing and processing and writing, but it’s been a delight. I’m surely even more committed to the practice of photography as an integral element of my life, and even more engaged in looking and perhaps a tidge better at seeing. So now what? There’s a mountain of photobooks to read and re-read, and projects to begin, to continue, and maybe even to finish. There’s software to explore in greater depth (Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign), and books to fashion… and of course more photographic adventures to undertake. Never a dull moment.

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  1. Christine Padoch

    Hello! I am an anthropologist working with several ex-residents of the longhouse at Nanga Jela in Sarawak to put together an archive of images and other documents of the area that was drowned by the Batang Ai dam in th1980s.. You have posted a few images from the area in the 1960s. I would like to get in touch concerning these and possibly any other images that you might have access to.

    Thanks very much.

    Christine Padoch (


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