Photographic high tide

Yesterday we visited the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester (the town in which Betsy grew up) to see the exhibit Photography Atelier 21. The photographs themselves were pretty inspiring, and the presentation was stunning, but the ‘artist statements’ accompanying the images were the real revelation for me. I’ve previously limited my image of such statements to introducing the photographer, rather than contextualizing the images, and the new perspective started me thinking anew about several of my own photographic projects.

I especially admired the work by Dianne Schaefer and James Hunt, both of which used infrared digital cameras (Schaefer’s Blurb book The Light You Cannot See really eponomizes the medium and technique).

We’re planning to visit a couple of photographic exhibits in Paris in the next few days: Qu’est-ce que la photographie ? at Centre Pompidou and Florence Henri at Jeu de Paume, and anticipate further inspiration.

I’ve just snagged Why It Does Not Have To Be In Focus: Modern Photography Explained which looks like it will further enlarge my thinking about what I’m doing with photography.

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