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Paddy’s Day rumination

My interests, enthusiasms, and areas of expertise are errant: they persist in wandering off, but they eventually seem to come back from their assorted quests and reassert themselves in my consciousness and activities. So it has been with photography, as with music and woodworking and Information and Science Fiction and Literature and and and… When a particular fascination resurfaces, it has a whole new set of previously unrecognized (or imperfectly appreciated) facets that tempt me into a new Odyssey of exploration. This generally means the acquisition of new tools and resources, to carry out whatever new Grand Schemes assert themselves as necessities. Fortunately, the spouse is well acquainted with the pattern, and is skilled at eloquent rolling of the eyes.

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Awash in memories

I’ve been scanning negatives from 1963, when I was just beginning to think of myself as A Photographer. I’m mulling over some explanatory text for the project, and perhaps I’ll put it up here as it unreels. Meanwhile, here’s one that may or may not entice you into further explorations of my Flickr photostream:

youthful indiscretions

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