Web Legacy

Spring 2005
A chronological version of my activities and projects in the years at Washington & Lee, with many links checked and updated where necessary and possible

4 March 1993 journal entry:
As I was brushing my teeth the inspiration arrived that constructing a Library Gopher and involving ourselves in teaching electronic access and e-mail was an innovative solution to the current array of overlapping problems. I'm only beginning to think of how the details will work, but the essence is very sensible, I think, and puts us squarely in the business of information access.
Writing and the New Technology for Research (printed in Writing in the Disciplines, May 1993)
Assumptions about the Science Library 26 July 1993
Saw Mosaic at National Library of Medicine in November
February 9: John Doyle sets up WWW server
Presentation on electronic access at W&L at Computers in Libraries, with John Doyle (see abstract)
first instructional Web page (for David Parker's Latin American History)
Gophers and Beyond in Library Instruction at Washington and Lee University ("an experiment in presentation, prepared for the Virginia Library Association Library Instruction Forum Spring Meeting on May 6th, 1994")
Liberty tutorial for faculty workshop, August
New Home Page for W&L in draft form
East Asian Studies bibliography
Reappointment file
Exploring the Oxford English Dictionary Online
August 1995 list of workshops and links, including Exploring Electronic Access at W&L
Goals and Methods of Teaching Education is something you do to yourself (tenure file)
Scientific Visualization with Tyler Lorig
Alumni College: Internet and selected software
The Howe 19th c. Chemistry Collection
Mapping and Imagery Resources, a first summary of GIS and other spatial information
The Language of Science
Core World Music CD collection design
The Sciences at W&L: introduction and history (graphic presentation no longer working)
weblet on Howard Odum
Freeman Dyson weblet
Music in Muslim Lands and Sufism
Literature Access in the Sciences
Instructional/Learning Technologies
Scientific Visualization updated
Some links to assist in thinking about Information Literacy
In the wake of the visit to UVa of 8 May '98
Ecology: Biology, Library and Media Center
for Virginia Collegiate Honors Council, 19 September 1998
Iron and Iron-working
GIS in the Library
Learning and Teaching the History of Technology (University Scholars course)
Odes to Mnemosyne or Technologies of Memory
Collaborating on Web-Based Tools for General Ecology (ACRL Detroit Spring 1999)
Maps on the Web: China
The Web-based Portfolio: a tool for advising, assessment, and personal development
Information for the Sciences for Life on Earth Alumni College program
Envisioning the future(s) of information technology
Integrated Writing Environment
Manhattan Project: the beginnings of Alsos
VFIC Workshop for Faculty in the Sciences
GIS: an insurmountable opportunity? (ACS presentation)
Napster: another insurmountable opportunity
first Metastuff collection
Collaborating on Technology and American Frontiers (for Computer Enhanced Learning in 50 Colleges, Wake Forest University publication)
Teaching and Learning Resource Group
For ICUVAD: Information Fluency
A GIS Server for ACS Partners?
Report of Site Visits in California and Indiana, February 2000
LAAP Proposal Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Across the Curriculum: Implementing Distribution to 15 Campuses
Rockbridge area horticulture
A History of the Web at W&L: one version...
The Machine and the Garden: History and Prospects of Humanity Computing (University Scholars course)
A toponymic excursion: hollows in Virginia
International Conference on GIS in Education
Information Fluency
Passepartout: Mobile Electronic Classrooms For Washington & Lee University
Protest Music for Brooks Hickman
GIS in Undergraduate Teaching
Digital Libraries (Computer Science 402, Spring term)
Atelier Mouffette
Anthropology of East Asia
The Accumulator (eventual desktop app for collecting and organizing)
The James River
Designing Human Geography
California Trip Report
The Back Campus
Musics of Death and Dying
Data Logging with Portable Devices and tracking Bluetooth
GIS in Midsummer
Malaria and West Nile Virus and Foot and Mouth Disease and Aedes albopictus
Amazon projects
A Plan for 2002-2003
Building a Web-based collaborative environment for the Brazil Consortium
Maya stuff
Coffee and Environmental Justice
Managing Bibliographies: EndNote revisited
Animating the history of nuclear testing
Iberian Peninsula GIS
Landscapes of Computer Science
Bits of Institutional Memory
ODTAA (One Damned Thing After Another, a relational database development environment)
summary of activities and directions for President Burish
Fall term sabbatical, 2002
Making room for disruptive and emergent technologies (NITLE News)
Five Year Plan, 2004-2009
The Disgruntlement File
Agriculture stuff for Global Stewardship Institute 2004
Resources on Migration
Anthropology of East Asia for Fall 2003
Fall 2003 log
Information Commons update
Geographic Information Systems
Musics (a log to revive activities in this realm)
Global stuff (log to continue /nigh/log.html)
Classification and Metadata Resources (for an ACS Summer Workshop, "Planning Digital Collections for Education and Research", Southwestern University 19-21 June 2003)
Civil War Digital Library (R.E. Lee summer project)
Summer 2003 log
April and May 2003 log
Articulatorium and daily log for Global Stewardship courses, and course page ...continuing International Education and the Global Stewardship Program
March 2003 log
February 2003 doings
January 2003 doings
Image metadata
Bloggerylog seems to be where I'm tracking this Emergent Technology now, for December 2004 Faculty Academy
Bio182 for Winter 2005
Balm in Gilead? (tracking eloquence of the Blue)
(Ethno)music(ology) and Neuroscience
bloggery.wlu.edu: the infrastructure for experiments with blogging
Anth 230 for Fall 2004 (Anthropology of East Asia)
Distance Learning exploration
About blogs and blogging and on libraries continued
Psych 250 for the fall
ACS workshop on Building Digital Collections (June 25-26)
Course proposal: Moving Frontiers of Science
Contemporary Global Issues and Comp Sci 401: two Spring Term courses
tracking Digital Libraries
tracking H5N1
Geography of Human Cultures Winter 2004 --and see afterthoughts for thoughts toward another iteration
Log, Winter 2004 (and collected logfiles)
Cross-Cultural Studies in Music: Ethnomusicology in the 21st century
East Asian Studies 190 for Spring 2005
Tohono O'odham project