(prepared for an ACS Summer Workshop
"Planning Digital Collections for Education and Research"
Southwestern University 24-25 June 2004)

I want to disclaim expertise in these areas, and claim instead the honorable mantle of a student of emergent technologies generally, and digital information systems in particular. I continue to discover and read and try to absorb the implications of a wide range of materials, and I'm perpetually at or beyond the edges of my own safety/comfort zones. In two weeks or two months I'll probably see many of the issues differently... and I'd be glad to hear of suggested additions, dead links, dropped stitches, and outright mistakes.
Hugh Blackmer

My emphasis is on linking to resources, so Web pages are a much more congenial format than PowerPoint presentations.

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URLs, E-journals and Books

My current notions of "best-of" in these realms:

A Framework of Guidance for Building Good Digital Collections from NISO [February 2004]

Managing the Digital Library (Roy Tennant) is a collection of his columns from Library Journal... but it's also a marvelous entrée for the subject. See his recent columns ...and links to most of the original versions of the (sometimes extensively rewritten) sections of the book.

Last year we flirted with the idea of a glossary of digital library terms, but never got one together. Perhaps there's another form that would be worth exploring: a gatheration of terminology that challenges what we think we know about the infoworld. Here are some candidates, which may come up in discussions and presentations: