R.E. Lee Project, Summer 2002

Building a Web-based collaborative environment for the Brazil Consortium
and a summary for prospective R.E. Lee participants

My log file for the project

The content of digital libraries --the text, images, videos, and sounds-- are encoded streams of ideas.
They provide "dynamic spaces for knowledge creation"
(Fox and Urs 2002:506,524)

The broad goal of the Digital Libraries Initiative
is to dramatically advance the means to collect, store, organize, and use
widely distributed knowledge resources containing diverse types of information and content
stored in a variety of electronic forms.
(DLI Interagency Coordinating Committee, in Fox and Urs 2002:509)

Streams: sequences of elements
Structures: arrangement and organization
Spaces: objects and rule-based operations
Scenarios: services performed
Societies: communities, individual users
(Fox and Urs 2002:519)

Peter Djalaliev's log file

Building the infrastructure to support ArcGIS at Washington & Lee [not funded]