Tohono O'odham Project

8 August 2004
Here I'll start to collect materials in support of Harvey Markowitz's Spring 2005 course, as I find them.

from Web searches

search results from PubMed and JSTOR

We should locate some detailed maps, and start building local collections of resources...

21 October searches

Footprints that never disappear: Ancient dig and modern Phoenix show how mankind has permanently changed the environment By Peter N. Spotts (Christian Science Monitor, 28 October)

25 January 2005: I set up a logfile page to have a place to put stuff as I find it.

31 March
Three sample sound files, recorded today to test the iRiver: one, two, and three

5 April

Thinking toward the "research" component, seems that we should identify for each Team what are the outstanding, basic, essential questions about... each, in ANY setting, and in the Tohono O'odham setting.

We also ask: What resources do we HAVE for each Team?

What will you be able to observe and ask questions about in AZ? How should we prepare the queries... and how prepare to deal with queries that arise?

To what degree can you prepare by reading? HOW should you read?

What does this source say about the basic questions?
What does it say that I didn't already know?
PostIts... and other ways to keep track of what's being discovered

18 April
Milk Crates with folders containing photocopies of articles, and folder names

If I try to lay out a matrix for each Team, does it help to clarify the tasks in reading? Here are the apparent cells:

basic concepts
ideas, beliefs
(religious and spiritual
premises versus
Alienation &
disruption of
(reapplication of
ecological knowledge)

19 April
handout on blogging

26 April
Fa'apua'a's Hoax?

28 April
Kitt Peak ...and google print search for o'odham

(simple form)