The Log Files

21 October 2004
I have many log files, but no place to summarize them. Here's a list, and perhaps I'll be able to conceive a means to decide how they should be interrelated, or how an entry page might make it feasible to decide into which a particular entry ought to go:
oook blog for things of general interest

By time period (usually pretty general stuff, but including important pointers that might also [but don't always...] make it into subject-specific logfiles):

Spring 2004
Winter 2004
Fall 2003
Summer 2003
April and May 2003
March 2003
February 2003
January 2003
sabbatical log

By subject

the meta log, for unclassifiable overarchers
Cross-Cultural Studies in Music: Ethnomusicology in the 21st century
tracking H5N1
Ag Log for the Spring Institute
Geography of Human Cultures
East Asian Studies 190
global stuff and 2001 HG log
Global Stewardship 2003, Articulatorium, and GS log continued
digital libraries
Biology 182
Anthropology of East Asia
eHRAF trial

History of Technology (1998-1999)

(the set isn't complete... there are other log files out there, but these are a pretty good start, and the list MAY encourage me to keep better track)
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to search JUST the logfiles (or JUST any subset of one's pages one wanted...)...