April 2003 Log

(continues March log, February log, January log, and sabbatical log)

3 April 2003
Most of the current work is being done in Articulatorium, for the Global Stewardship courses with Ron. I did have to move a number of folders from public_html to http://acadprojwww.wlu.edu/vol4/BlackmerH/public_html/ ...including /tomnjim/, /settle/, /pictures/, /feynman/, /afghan/, /compsci/, /dhughes/, /elsevier/ ...these may need to be redirected on various pages (I tried to move items that didn't seem likely to be heavily used).

7 April
Quickiwiki, Swiki, Twiki, Zwiki and the Plone Wars Wiki as a PIM and Collaborative Content Tool by David Mattison (via FOSBlog)

Measuring Web mindshare by Jon Udell July 1999

CIA's Global Trends 2015

8 April
In less than 5 minutes I found Marcia France the text of a British patent, via http://www.patent.gov.uk/patent/dbase/espace.htm

And here's a WONDERFUL bit of governmentese from USPTO:

17 January 2003: Direct access to the full-page image database is now permitted without first conducting a search on the full-text database. Such access is now possible by using a URL of the form:
where "nnnnnnn" is the seven-digit patent number (right-justified with leading zeroes). The first URL, to patimg1.uspto.gov, is used if the patent number's last two (low-order) digits are in the range 00 to 49; the first URL, to patimg2.uspto.gov, is used if the patent number's last two digits are in the range 50 to 99.

22 April
for Journalism GIS demo

23 April
East Asian Studies 190: Information Ecology and the New Bibliography

28 April
I made a map with Anna Alford's GPS points, image at http://home.wlu.edu/~blackmer/anna2.jpg and the project itself at R:\hbrockbridge\anna28iv.mxd
It was easy, following Chris Connors' instructions as still found at http://miley.wlu.edu/gis/tutorials.html (http://geology.wlu.edu/connors/Geo185/ArcGPS/GPS_downlload.htm) and the VA quad numbers at http://miley.wlu.edu/gis/va_geotiffs/geotiffsalph.html
I'm not sure whether those geoTIFFs and assorted other tutorial materials are now cached in a permanent place...

/pdl/howto.html has instructions for maintaining SnipIt

6 May
DOQQs from Radford. Saved in R:/doqq/knox6v.mxd

9 May
continuing Digital Library stuff in /digilib/log.html