March 2003 Log

(continues February log, January log, and sabbatical log)

1 March
At Southwestern for the GIS Symposium: notes

3 March
some links on crosswalks and other metadata generalia

Integrating the Pulse of the South and the Digital South beginnings

5 March
notes on Sorting Things Out (Geoffrey Bowker and Susan Leigh Star, MIT Press 2002)

...and continuing to add to page on image and other metadata issues started 6 weeks or so ago

Final Report on two ACS Information Fluency projects

7 March
Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting 2.0

Talked with Jeff Lerner at Wake Forest ( about Central Asia and GIS. Made a base map at /centasia/lernerone.mxd

11 March
Articulatorium continuing for Global Stewardship, and draft syllabus

12 March
Afghan archaeological sites (/centasia/afghan.mxd)

13 March
Metadata Harvesting Project at University of Illinois

How to Become an OLAC Data Provider

How clearly can I summarize the metadata problem? (for digital xxxx committee meeting)

14 March
Shaaban Abdel-Rahim (see news story) ...hear the song, and see more of lyrics

18 March
Quite a few map layers, see nigh/meta.html

20 March
Installed ArcView8.2 on the laptop, from the CD.

24 March
whither? (in-progress meditation on Library/ITG collaboration)

27 March
Copied ESRI's 2003 map data to /acadproj/vol8/esri2003