Log file for EAS 190

23 April 2003
Two years ago I was involved in a Computer Science Digital Library course, and some of the materials from that are probably relevant to what we'll do with Information Ecology.

Web Characterization Project (statistics on Web growth)

29 April
from Jon Udell's blog:

In today's NY Times, there's a brief item entitled Turning to Friends for Facts. It cites a University of Washington study showing that people learn from friends and associates more than they learn from the Internet. Of course, the social software movement is rapidly erasing the difference between these two modes. Companies should encourage social interaction, one of the authors says, by providing free cafeteria meals. That's a good idea. Companies should also think hard about how to foster collegiality among distributed teams working around the clock in Europe, Asia, and North America.

5 May
BBC SARS update

8 February 2004
Yesterday I went to the Virginia Consortium of Asian Studies meeting, in order to attend a presentation by Zhaohui Xue of the Duke Library on "Accessing Asia in the Internet Age". It was extremely interesting, and some of its elements need to be included in the 2004 incarnation of EAS190. Here's a collection of links I found especially worthwhile:

Duke Resource Guide

Duke Internet Resources on Chinese Studies By Subject

China WWW Virtual Library from Heidelberg

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library from ANU

Marjorie Chan's China Links from Ohio State (linguistics focus) and CHINESE REAL-TIME AUDIO AND VIDEO PROGRAMS

Chinese Bibliographic Databases from Duke (in Chinese)

China National Knowledge Infrastructure (mostly subscription access)

Gateway Service Center of Chinese Academic Journal Publications at University of Pittsburgh