Summer 2003 Log

2 June
The problem of the hands-on computer classroom, Parmly 302 in particular

Understanding China in Geography from U Mich

Spatial Data Sources list from U Mich, and another from Michigan Biodiversity Center

EarthExplorer, USGS (registered with the usual pw)

3 June
Directory of R:/global/, which needs annotation and some cleanup.

5 June
Exploring gazetteers page

Big Spring fun and games

made a Doorlist for 24-hour access /scilib/doorlist03.txt

9 June
The Double Puzzle of Diabetes (Jared Diamond, Nature 5 June)

MARC-to-DC crosswalk example, link to 9 June log entry

12 June
One for GS: Population Reference Bureau --e.g., Rapid Population Growth, Crowded Cities Present Challenges in the Philippines by Yvette Collymore

And one for EAS generally, as well as broader perspective for GS: Asia Times Online

some comments on Global Stewardship, thoughts of the day

26 June
ACS presentation materials

Talked with David Parker about setting up Web services to integrate his material on films for Fall term. The ideal form of this would be as an ArcIMS project, drawing upon an Access database. What do we need to DO to realize it? And how does this project interlink with the Civil War materials? These are questions to work out in the next month.

27 June
Greg Cooper wonders if I'd be interested in doing a World Music course for University Scholars... and of course I would. The question is mostly one of when, and that's somewhat entangled with whatever happens with Human Geography. I've opened a log file to track this line.

I've also opened a global stuff log, to carry on what I was doing in /nigh/log.html.

18 July
I have materials on the ESRI User Conference in my GIS log

Did some work on a tourism dataset for Phil Cline --see yesterday's collection of maps and a refinement of one map, using layout view. Also 'restaurant taxable sales', which was just what he needed. A satisfied customer.

Made base maps for D Hughes: R:\dhughes\18vii.mxd

Successfully updated the ArcView license!! with John Watkins' help. Got the instructions from (How to: update your existing license using the Update License tool), logged on to ims1 in workstation-only mode, using Skip's identity [6gula], and ran through the wizard steps. Piece'o'cake...

21 July
Political Economy of Internal Conflict: A review of contemporary trends and issues (Pyt S. Douma, Netherlands Institute of International Relations)

To make some space on H:\, I've moved these folders to \acadproj\vol4: acs, arcims, eeurope, blackmerpix1, blackmerpix2, jsk ...don't think there's much that's all that likely to be linked via Web pages. Also some pdf and jpg files, though I don't think they're linked very prominently [maybe in log files...]

28 July
Scanned a state railroad map for D. Hughes and used the georeferencing tool to align it with the state map, Georgia in this example.

31 July
Closing out activities for the month of August... the R.E. Lee project has gone very well, and today Jit and I linked up the coordinates Ben has been entering and produced some nice maps, underlain by topo layers from USGS.