Spring 2004 log

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15 April
The purpose and utility of a general logfile seems to keep changing as various other tools claim bits of salience in my life and habits. Thus, oook blog is becoming a place I cache observations and discoveries that I think would be of wider interest, and this logfile medium becomes more a space for my own edification and remembering/reminding.

This morning I started to wonder, somewhat idly, how my use of the computer has evolved in the last six months, so I'm starting to gather up some of my thoughts about that... and this is probably a good place to put them.

In mid-October 2003, bookmarklets were still pretty much the cutting edge of my use of the browser as onramp, though I was reading various blogs quite regularly (via Favorites), and thinking about a wide range of Digital Library issues in the context of the search for the University Librarian. The big step, in early December, was getting DSL and a new computer at home, and gradually developing new uses and new daily habits.

In late January I started making pretty systematic use of a retained Google search string with my H5N1 log files, tracking an emerging story

March 6th... I got oook blog up and running. March 23rd... the 132 blog added

other elements:

25 May
I've taken up that same thread again, under the heading of remap.

8 July
Sort of an overextension of Spring, but hey... Ran across Marylaine Block's pages, which suggest an alternate sort of identity