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23 December 2003
I set up the Access database to receive the rangefinder input, and it seems to work (what I did was to copy a couple of files from the Archive folder (rangefinder1.html and update.asp) and make a copy of the 'comments' table, renaming it to 'comments03all'.

I've also partly retreaded the index page, now named index04.html, changing the dates and adding Nature, but not fundamentally attacking the contents to update. Still need to make the pages for this year's groups (xxx04.html)

NB that PubMed is now an effective aggregator, and source of online full text for some things (PNAS, Science, American Chemical Society publications, among others).

15 February 2004
Thinking toward the last class, and talking about finer points of finding and retrieving:

I looked at an article in BioOne from the current issue of American Zoologist (The Evolution of the Motor Control of Feeding in Amphibians. Stephen M. Deban, James C. O'Reilly, and Kiisa C. Nishikawa, pages 12801298. vol 41 issue 6) http://ezproxy.wlu.edu:2192/bioone/?request=get-toc&issn=0003-1569&volume=041&issue=06 ...and found that its bibliography offers LINKS to some of the items. Thus, there's
Jaeger, R. G., D. E. Barnard, and R. G. Joseph. 1982,
Foraging tactics of a terrestrial salamander: Assessing prey density:
Am. Natur. 119 885890.
which has a LINKS button that took me to BioOne's Link Resolver, which FOUND the article in JSTOR and took me right to it: http://ezproxy.wlu.edu:2073/view/00030147/di006235/00p0073i/0 Nothing tells us that we CAN get to Economic Botany via BioOne (no Annie record), and the Link Resolver didn't work to find
Vietnamese Market Gardens in New Orleans
Christopher A. Airriess; David L. Clawson
Geographical Review, Vol. 84, No. 1. (Jan., 1994), pp. 16-31.

16 March
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