Following Bluetooth

26 March 2001
Back in October 2000 (just to keep the record straight...) I wondered out loud about Bluetooth and how it might relate to our wireless developments. It seems time to track a bit more closely, so here are some links:, Ericsson's Bluetooth site and Bluetooth Weblog

zdnet special report

Bluetooth Resource Center

story about Anoto pens, and

29 May
 Vendors give products Bluetooth bite (InfoWorld)

1 June
Dirk mentioned that Bluetooth (and some cell phone brands?) interferes with the 2.4gHz signal that the wireless network uses. A few links that seem to be about the same issue:

 Bluetooth interference with Wireless 802.11 LAN
 Interference issues hinder Bluetooth ("Generally, it's Bluetooth that is interfering with the existing LANs, and not the other way around," said Geier, who explained that Bluetooth hops through different frequencies much faster than 802.11.)
 Geier article on interference
 Bluetooth and 802.11b Interference: Simulation Model and System Results from NIST
 Can Bluetooth compete with WLAN? (ZDNetNews 4 May)