Some links to assist in thinking about Information Literacy

Why does this subject strike dread in the hearts of those charged with its study?
What are the problems that we are trying to solve?
And whose business is it, anyway?

"Information Literacy" is not the same thing as "Computer Literacy"
(though computers are an important medium for Information)

"Information Literacy" is not essentially "a library problem"

Even if there is a single "problem", there is no sovereign solution
which is applicable to all people or all disciplines

Text of Faculty Library Survey, 1998

Text of Information Literacy: Library Committee Reflections and Recommendations

W&L's General Education Requirements

Hugh's ruminations

Some of the following may be useful, whether as summaries of others' wranglings with these issues or for pointers to schemes that might work in W&L's context:

Information Literacy and the Oberlin Education

Technology and the University: a bibliography (Kathy Koberstein's delightfully meaty effort)

Information Literacy: The Web is not an Encyclopedia (University of Maryland --emphasis on web site evaluation in a set of linked pages)

Information Literacy Competencies for Students (Wayne State University library leaflet)

Information Literacy Project: Defining Competencies (U. Mass., links to grant proposals)

Information Literacy: Achieving Basic Competency (Humboldt State University, 8 modules, credits to JMU)

Keith Morgan (NCSU)
Information Literacy Resources

Information Literacy Standards & Competencies for Students: Examples from Other Institutions (Louisville --annotated links to other sites)

Information Literacy - Definition and Competencies (U. Calgary)

Information Literacy Interest Group at Northeastern (Eileen Trauth)

Villanova Library Newsletter special issue on Information Literacy

Institute for Information Literacy (ALA/ACRL)

from what I've looked at so far, this is the outline I see developing (you may be able to think of jazzier labels!): What's happened at W&L so far: Faculty Survey; Information Literacy report by Lambeth and Brown; Oberlin InfoLit report Definition of Information Literacy SUNY site Wayne State Lib. leaflet Existing courses at W&L [descriptions of the courses in the catalog that contain significant information/research methods components Models UMass, Dartmouth (URL has changed) UWisc, Parkside CalPoly (from Louisville site)