The Big Questions for EAS190 in Spring 2005

How are we to understand what is happening in East Asia? And what has happened? How do we (1) find and (2) manage the information we need? What does the available array of tools offer us? How are those tools evolving? We'll explore a wide range of resources and affordances, working with questions and problems that have something to do with Asia, with the understanding that the next 40-50 years will see more and more East Asian presence in events and processes of global significance.

For those whose motivation is linked to East Asian Studies, it's an opportunity to develop ideas that will underwrite the process of defining and constructing the senior thesis; for those with no particular East Asia background or interests, it's an instance of the general life-long problem of finding and managing and using information and information media.

American mass media have a very mixed record in their dealings with Asia, and indeed with any but "homeland" concerns. It's tempting to concentrate on the stereotyping and blinkered ignorances of the past... but also important to realize how many of those episodes of ignorance continue into the present. The mirror doesn't show a pretty picture, and there's not a whole lot of hope that technological process will change that very much.

What does it take to get our attention?

I've decided to incorporate sound/mp3 into the course

For Tuesday 26 April