West Nile Virus

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 CDC on Aedes japonicus , and  distribution in Massachusetts, 2000 and  New Species of Mosquito Found in Connecticut and  two news stories from WESTNILEVIRUS-L and  Pennsylvania's West Nile Virus Surveillance Program and  VIRGINIA MOSQUITO CONTROL ASSOCIATION checklist of species. And an  AP story
...and  ESRI on GIS and West Nile in Pennsylvania, and  PA county status map , and  West Nile Virus Bibliography from Cornell's Environmental Risk Analysis Program, and  Remote Sensing and Human Health: New Sensors and New Opportunities (Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol. 6, No. 3 March-April 2000), and  Arbovirus Information News Center and  National Wildlife Health Center (and their  West Nile page which offers a link to magnificent ArcIMS-based West Nile virus maps )

 West Nile Fever–a Reemerging Mosquito-Borne Viral Disease in Europe (Zdenek Hubálek and Jirí Halouzka ) from Emerging Infectious Diseases Vol. 5, No. 5
CDC's March 2000 Epidemic/Epizootic West Nile Virus in the United States (52 pages in .pdf)

 Arthropod Pests of Animals and Humans from USDA Agricultural Research Service

 Epigeographics.com has links to quite a few health/GIS sites

 Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care