Anthropology 230: Anthropology of East Asia

Fall 2004
Dr. Hugh Blackmer
Science Library

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Schedule of classes (still provisional)

week ofTuesday (Science A114)Thursday
(sometimes Parmly 302)
7 September..first class and setup: some images
14 SeptemberRashomon and the nature of TruthElectronic Tools
21 Septemberabout AnthropologyEast Asia: basic geography and history
28 SeptemberChunhyang and Confucian ideals Chunhyang concluded, and poetics
5 OctoberThree Obediences
and Master Kung
Thinking about Projects
12 OctoberSericultureno class (Reading Days)
19 OctoberHuozhe and Morning SunThe Cultural Revolution continued
26 October Cultural Revolution and China texts Ecologies, great and small
2 NovemberChushingura I: synopsis and whyChushingura II: synopsis and honor
9 November (no class) Demography
16 November Ermo and ModernizationDigital Asia
23 November(Thanksgiving Break)(Thanksgiving Break)
30 NovemberSen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi spirit worlds
7 December --lights out-- project presentations

Assignments: One | Two [answers] | Three | Four [answers] | Five and Six | Seven, Eight and Nine | Ten [links to logfiles] | Eleven | Twelve | Thirteen | Fourteen | Fifteen | Presentation and Project | Evaluation


Films: I have found it useful and interesting to use films as 'stimulus material', to raise issues that are of interest in thinking about how to study East Asian societies and cultures. See more details...

Reading: I will make specific assignments from time to time, but there won't be a textbook. I'll use handouts and texts on the Web, and I expect that you'll READ them, and that your reading will be reflected in various writing assignments. Some of the readings will be rather challenging, but part of what you're learning to do is deal successfully with difficult prose. What you want to avoid is telling me that something was "boring"... when what you really mean is that you haven't found a way to make sense out of it.

Assignments: I'll post assignments on the course home page as well as telling you about them in class, and generally they'll take the form of Web pages or additions to your log file or blog to be posted by a specific time.

Resources: Bibliography of Asian Studies | World News Connection | Asia Times and Far Eastern Economic Review
Japan Times | Wikipedia | JSTOR | OED
Asia for Educators from Columbia | Area Handbooks: China, Japan, North Korea and South Korea

Some map images from NASA's World Wind: Guangdong

My course log file and planning stuff

On the Study of the Anthropology of East Asia (or anywhere else, for that matter): why does... how do... what is...

This course has had three previous incarnations, in Fall 2003, Fall 2001 and Fall 2000.

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